Online Storefront

Point of sale is a piece of cake!

Website looking drab when your business is fab? Let us give your online storefront a remodel!

Our expert web designers can build a custom site from the ground up that allows your employees to access and order branded material easily. Online storefronts help businesses keep branding and messaging consistent while keeping costs down. Here are some key features our clients love:

  • Web to print services
  • Check and manage inventory levels live at any moment
  • Reduce freight costs by managing ordering process
  • Approval process available
  • Robust reporting tools
  • Easily manage inventory
  • Tracking numbers automatically emailed to user upon shipping
  • Users can enter new shipping address, create an address book, or change shipping address at point of order
  • Users can also change the shipping method at point of order (optional)
  • Admins can approve or decline orders. (optional) Admins can remove an item from the order without canceling the entire order. Admins can also adjust the quantity of each item before approving or declining the order. (Automatic emails are sent when and order is approved or declined.)
  • Admins can add or remove users 24/7
  • Admins and users can login 24/7 
  • Courier can create banner ads to communicate new items added to the storefront 
  • Business cards & customization – Our business card editor is highly customizable and very efficient. We can set up very specific rules and requirements so that all cards that are designed are the site are consistent and professional. Ask for a demo to see more.
  • Once an order is approved and shipped, a tracking email is automatically sent to the user
  • User experience – Once a user has placed an order, he or she can log back in, view a list of previous orders, find tracking at a glance, and re-order the entire order
  • Single Sign on Available