If decades of experience have taught us anything, it’s that no one has time for missed deadlines. At Courier Graphics, we can print and mail your projects before you can say “hot off the press!” Our mailing experts are here for you at a moment’s notice to get your project handled professionally and efficiently.

For all jobs that mail, please provide the following 5x answers. Any questions please feel free to call 602-437-9700.

  1. Mailing Class – Select One
    • First Class (in homes 3-7 days nationwide)
    • Presort First Class (in homes 3-7 days nationwide)
    • Presort Standard (in homes 3-14 days nationwide)
    • Nonprofit (in homes 3-14 days nationwide)
    • Other
  2. How would you like mail file de-duped?
    • 1 per Family
    • 1 per Full Name
    • 1 per Address
  3. Do you want to drop questionably deliverable addresses as flagged by our postal software?
  4. Do you want bad addresses returned?
  5. How will postage be paid?
    • Clients Indicia?
    • Client supplied Check. (please make check out to US POST OFFICE) check is due before or on drop date
    • Courier Graphics can no longer front postage for clients.


All clients are required to supply a check for postage at least 1 day before the piece is to drop in the mail.

Your account executive can supply you with exact postage costs 2-3 days before dropping at the post office.

Please make postage check out to US POSTMASTER.

If you have any questions please, contact Accounting at 602-437-9700