Wholesale Pricing and Trade-work

Welcome brokers, printers and trade-work!

Courier Graphics does offer wholesale pricing and trade-work to select individuals. Courier Graphics is not a trade shop and has an internal sales team that sell in the Arizona and Southwest market, however we do work with some printers and brokers in the area that fit our requirements. The following information outlines our process and rules for trade-work. Please read the following and feel free to call or email Scott Carritt with any questions or concerns.

In order for Courier to provide trade pricing we need a few things.

  • Credit Application filled out.
    As you may understand we need to qualify our partnerships, this is mandatory.
  • Customer Business Name
    We need this info so that we can check our database to see if we are bidding on said project already, As stated above we have an internal sales team that sell all over the southwest, we need to protect our existing relationships. There’s no need for us to give you wholesale price for something we are already bidding on directly. This is mandatory, no exceptions. If you don’t trust us with your customers name, then we feel you are really not willing to award us the job, and we are not going to waste our time quoting jobs that don’t fit us. We have a long reputation of being honest and loyal to our partners. We can provide a list of references of brokers and printers that work with us if needed.


How does Courier Graphics protect my account?

Once Courier Graphics has been awarded the job, we add your customer into our customer database as a protected account under your name. This protection last for 2 years from the last job that Courier Graphics has been awarded.

Is my account protected if it was quoted and lost?

No, we only add your customer name into our system for awarded jobs.

Courier Graphics was founded in Phoenix Arizona in 1976 with the vision and focus of high-quality lithography, long-term partnerships and meeting our deadlines. These core principles are the hallmarks behind our success from the onset to current day. We hope you will be our next partner in print!

Scott Carritt handles all the trade and wholesale pricing for Courier Graphics, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you at 602-437-9700 or scott_carritt@couriergraphics.com.