Courier Graphics


“Courier Graphics is professional and impressive business which is capable of performing all project demands, big or small.  They do so at competitive prices, and have the scope and size necessary to accomplish their projects on time. However, reassuring as those impressions are, yet it’s the customer care which distinguishes them as a special place. The care of the company is exhibited during press checks, where it’s clear that Courier Graphics views our project as if it were their own company’s work.   Once, they spotted a mistake (our mistake, mind you), stopped the run and were more than gracious in their offer to do a re-run at minimal cost.  In every conversation we’ve had over the past several years, Courier Graphics projects a “family” approach to our relationship, which is valued, appreciated and provides comfort that we have made a correct choice with Courier.” – Laurel P.      Executive Vice President at MLB

“I feel incredibly lucky to work with Courier Graphics on a regular basis. We really appreciate how easy it is to communicate with them. They are always on the ball!”  – Lauren H.     Phoenix Center for the Arts

“Effective communication for any company is vital and having a good working relationship with your printer is one of the key components to that success. While there are print shops from coast to coast willing to take your money, very few seek to truly walk alongside a customer, make them feel valuable, take the time to educate them on the options and provide the satisfaction that Courier Graphics has for Skeeter Boats. To see the countless hours of photo shoots, editing images, layout design and a plethora of revisions come to life with each impression of ink on paper is very rewarding, but even more so when you know you’re in good hands. Their location within two miles of the airport in Phoenix very convenient when it came time for press check. The final items that I appreciated was how they handled our fulfillment and shipping, which will save us a lot of money in the long-run. It’s that level of expertise and attention to detail that set Courier Graphics miles ahead of the pack.” -John V.  Skeeterboats


“Courier Graphics has been a rock solid print source for us for many years. We can rely on them for consistent high quality, never worrying about how our quarterly publication will turn out. They are dependable with meeting, and sometimes beating our deadlines, and they know exactly what we are looking for with a quick response to any questions. It is a comfort being able to hand off a project to them knowing it will get done right and on time. No stress, no surprises.” -Doug I. Chapman Automotive


“Courier Graphics has provided the Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau with excellent customer service that goes over and beyond our expectations.  Communication, flexibility, and availability are important to us, and they have never let us down.  Above all, their print quality is superior, and they have provided us with products we can be proud to distribute.” -Coleen P.  Lake Havasu City

“In all my years in the industry, Courier Graphics is one of the most professional, client-focused, trustworthy, high quality printers I have worked with. When I bring them a project, the result is always perfection.  They stand behind their work, service and dedication to me and my clients. And that is why I have them as my printing partner.  Since 2006, I have worked with Courier Graphics they are always there for my questions; providing me top notch service and results. Their experience in the business is extensive and I value that immensely. Courier Graphics is the Valley’s top printer, in my opinion.” – Debra N.  – Owner –  W&C Marketing & Designs

“Immediate response – in person! – to my website request for proposal for a big project I was working on.  Very impressed with Don on both the level of service and the product knowledge and suggestions.  Our final product was beautiful, and delivered in amazingly short period of time – on a Sunday!  Would recommend Courier Graphics to anyone looking for a printing company.” – Kristin C.   GreenStreet