Printing 101

Web Printing

What is web printing?

Web printing is a form of printing, where a continuous roll of paper is fed through the printing press at high speeds for medium to large run projects. Heat-set Web printing includes a drying process with an oven to dry the ink onto the paper, as well as allows us to fold the printed paper into a signatures of 4’s, 8’s, 16’s, and 32’s all inline for perfect and efficient finishing. Web printing presses are the monsters in the offset industry, because of their efficiencies they are typically a more cost effective way to produce your medium to large print runs. To give you an example of the speed of a Web printing press; the Web with typically run 50k impression per hour versus 15k impressions per hour on sheetfed, which takes a 6 hour press check to an 1 hour saving you time and money.

Does web printing look as good as sheetfed printing?

Yes! Yes, it does! There is a catch though as not all Web presses are created equal. Here at Courier Graphics our Web printing looks identical to sheetfed printing whereas most other Web Printers do not have the ability to print as sharp or as full as our press here at Courier Graphics and this is due to the line screen capabilities. Courier Graphics web printing has the newest technology available in the market which allows us to print 226 line screen (this is measurement of how sharp we can print), where most other web presses across the US can only print 150 – 175 line screen.

When to use web printing?

Web printing is used for medium to high-volume print runs such as catalogs, brochures, magazines, books, mailer, and so much more. We run as low as 1,000 books all the way to 3 million pieces.

The Pros to web printing?

The first thing on every companies mind is YOU. The biggest pros you will see when running your corporate projects here at Courier Graphics is the cost savings as well as the time savings allowing your marketing material to get in the hands of your customer faster. Because most Web printing presses in the industry can only print and dry it may only save on cost but because our press can print, dry, and all in line, there is a considerable savings on costs and time to you. Another factor in the costs savings is that the web press print on rolls of paper instead of sheets. This is a savings because at the paper mills all paper is made in rolls and then either kept in rolls for web presses or sheeted for sheetfed presses which ads cost to the paper buying process.

The Cons to web printing?

As mentioned above in the web process the paper starts off with wet ink on it then goes through an oven to dry the ink onto the paper taking all moisture out in seconds. This can cause the paper to have a light waviness or ripples to it. This effect is very slight and can settle over a period of time, however the costs savings from web to sheetfed printing are so great that our customers do not blink an eye at the waviness of the paper. Also, a phenomenon called Web growth is also another unique effect that can happen on books that are printed on web press with sheetfed covers which can easily be worked around to have little to no effect.

UV Printing

What is UV printing?

First things first, that UV in UV Printing stands for ultraviolet. Ultraviolet light or energy might already sound familiar due its already daily presence in our life, from the natural UV rays shining down from our lovely, radiant sun to grow our world’s flora to the UV light used in tanning booths, sterilization equipment and lighting up those groovy blacklight posters. But what exactly is Ultraviolet light. In simple terms, light is energy and ultraviolet light is even more potent energy. That’s why can do all that sweet stuff previously mentioned. Now that ultraviolet energy is being used in printing process with tremendous results.

Utilizing specially formulated inks that are designed to work in conjunction with UV light, the way UV Printing works is straightforward. As paper travels through the press, it gets ink transferred onto itself. This is where the UV magic comes in. Right as the ink is being printed onto the paper, UV light instantaneously dries the freshly printed ink.

The Pros to UV printing?

Having ink dry this fast has a bunch of benefits. With no need to wait for the ink to dry, we can go right into cutting, folding, binding or any other post printing process. Also, the ink doesn’t have time to bleed or seep into the paper resulting in an even cleaner and livelier print.

The type of ink used in UV Printing has its own benefits too. The ink is far more ecologically friendly with no dirty vapors evaporating into the air along with needing to use less of it to get the same if not better result compared to traditional inks. Plus, this ink is more resistance to wear and tear like scratches and fading meaning your printed product keeps it luster for longer.