Special Coatings and Techniques

Print Projects that “Pop”

Standing out from your competitors is more important now than ever. Adding a special finishing technique to your next project can help transform a beautifully designed piece into a masterpiece. Capturing people’s attention, increasing the longevity of the piece, and protecting it from fingerprinting are just a few of the benefits. Below are a few of the benefits that our UV Press can offer on your next project.

Four Color HUV In

  • 226 Line Screen allowing the highest level of print quality offered
  • With our premium HUV ink our prints provide for a more vibrant and alive image that isn’t offered via conventional presses and inks

Gloss UV

  • Takes your basic gloss to high gloss finishing
  • Enhances the brightness of the colors on the sheet x 3
  • Adds durability/longevity to your printed piece
  • Spot UV or Blind UV (printed inline) allows the most important aspects of your cover to stand out even more

Satin UV

  • Keeps your vibrant image vibrant and brings down the glossiness of the sheet and inks
  • Adds a small amount of texture for those wanting something slightly tactile
  • Adds durability/longevity to your printed piece

Dull UV

  • Similar to the look of Satin UV, with a no gloss or shin
  • For those looking for even more of a smooth tactile finish, this is your coating
  • Adds durability/longevity to your printed piece

Aqueous Gloss, Satin, and Dull

  • Same options as above however this is a water-based coating. (a bit more economical)
  • Gloss, Satin, or Dull options are similar to UV, but have a less effect on the sheet
  • These options are only available in flood (coating the entire sheet

Soft Touch Aqueous

  • This is one of our most popular finishes because of the velvetiness that it brings to the cover. It is a tactile dream. Its Soft to the touch! Get it?
  • This can be combines with Spot UV as well to give it even more pop

Varnish Gloss and Dull

  • Can be used a spot or blind spot technique or flood the entire sheet
  • Can be combined with Gloss UV as a strike-through allowing for a dramatic dull to gloss effect which pops
  • This is the cheapest option, however it is slightly less glossiness or dulling than UV or AQ


  • Allows for the most durable finish and used often for coffee table books or menus that need to hold up for a long time
  • Variety of finishes from soft touch, gloss, dull, sand, etc.
  • It is more expense than inline coatings mentioned above, but increases the durability and can give it a water-resistant finish


  • Can be a great way to make specific areas of your message stand out through a metallic look that will catch the eye
  • Couriers Graphic’s customers typically use on special edition covers for catalogs, packaging of all types, and marketing pieces that need to draw your reader in
  • The key is not to flood the sheet, but zoom in to specific areas of the piece as foils are a high-end finish and as a high-end cost

Emboss or Deboss

  • This is a way to give your end user a subtle unique feel
  • When combined with either foil or Spot UV, it removes the subtleness and allows for a larger wow factor
  • One of the most common we see is a blind emboss which makes the area being embossed stand out more without the additional techniques

As you are planning, there are pros and cons to each of these ranging from a slight variation in the look to more significant effects (in both pricing and look and feel). Below is the list from least expensive to most expensive. Our team is available to help you to balance out how to make your piece look that much more amazing and still keep the cost within the budget.

Least Expensive to Most Expensive

  • Four Color
  • Varnish
  • Aqueous
  • UV
  • Lamination
  • Emboss or Deboss
  • Foil

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