What's New

Square Iron Cross

The Iron Cross features a classic, plus-shaped format. Much can be done to customize the Iron Cross to make it your own. This format can carry additional light materials, such as square or shaped insert cards.

The Iron Cross fold is 17.19″ by 17.19″ unfolded and finishes to a 5.75″ by 5.75″ square format and fits into a 6″ x 6″ square envelope.
Reminder: Square mail will incur additional fees for hand sorting.

Double Swinger

The Double Swinger offers two great opportunities for visuals on the cover—one under the other—and swings into motion in opposing directions when opened. For display, this format creates a self-standing, almost sculptural appearance.

The Double Swinger is 15″ by 7″ unfolded, and finishes to a 5″ by 7″ rectangular format. This format is not self-mailing, so if you intend to mail this format, it is designed to fit into an A7 envelope.

Modified Corner Fold Mailer

The Modified Corner Fold Mailer features a smart, mail-friendly modification. The classic corner folder is folded in half to transform from a square to a rectangle. This one simple adjustment saves a tremendous amount in postage fees while creating a stylish presentation of content with a large poster-like reveal on the interior.

The Modified Corner Fold Mailer is 14.25″ by 14.25″ unfolded and finishes to a 10″ by 5″ rectangular format. This format is self-mailing; however, it must be designed with certain specifications in mind.

Tri-Fold Pocket Mailer

The Tri-Fold Pocket Mailer is simple and stylish. Using a classic direct mail format as the base, we’ve added a curved pocket to the interior that is ideal for light inserts, such as brochures, coupons, and tickets.

The Tri-Fold Pocket Mailer is 21.5″ by 10.5″ unfolded and finishes to a 10.5″ by 6″ rectangular format. This format can be mailed without the protection of an envelope; however, it will require three tabs to meet mailing requirements.