What's New

A New Look for Our Trucks

We are excited to introduce a fresh appearance for our delivery vehicles to coincide with the new Courier Graphics branding we have been rolling out through the year.

2019 Courier Graphics’ Employee Appreciation Day

On the 12th of July, we celebrated our wonderful employees at Courier Graphics during our Employee Appreciation Day. All were given a polo shirt and cap bearing our newly introduced logo in addition to a box lunch served in a companywide luncheon.

We want to again thank all of our terrific employees in all of our departments for their hard work and diligence that makes Courier Graphics the company that it is today. Thank you.

Square Iron Cross

The Iron Cross features a classic, plus-shaped format. Much can be done to customize the Iron Cross to make it your own. This format can carry additional light materials, such as square or shaped insert cards.

The Iron Cross fold is 17.19″ by 17.19″ unfolded and finishes to a 5.75″ by 5.75″ square format and fits into a 6″ x 6″ square envelope.
Reminder: Square mail will incur additional fees for hand sorting.

Double Swinger

The Double Swinger offers two great opportunities for visuals on the cover—one under the other—and swings into motion in opposing directions when opened. For display, this format creates a self-standing, almost sculptural appearance.

The Double Swinger is 15″ by 7″ unfolded, and finishes to a 5″ by 7″ rectangular format. This format is not self-mailing, so if you intend to mail this format, it is designed to fit into an A7 envelope.